Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monsanto, perhaps a good thing?

On January 19th I started a community supported 40 day liver cleanse.   I love the idea that we are all doing this together, swaping recipes, saying a well written prayer each morning and receiving a lot of well researched information.  The first 10 days we eliminated refined sugar, flour, and alcohol.  My stomach started to not be so swelled/inflamed and this is a good thing.  On day 4, I decided to eat some smoked salmon and after a couple of bites my body was signaling that something was not right.  I looked at the label and to my huge surprise, hidden in the beautiful flesh of this King White Salmon was brown sugar!!!  I over road my body's signal and finished eating, otherwise I would have to through out this beautiful salmon.  Instead, my body swelled up horribly and I felt so uncomfortable.

For the first time EVER, I am now reading labels vs. the marketing on the container the food is in.  I am learning about all different kinds of food information, and it is all overwhelming.

Did you know there is a list of fruits and veggies they call the terrible 12 and clean 15?
Did you know that pigs are fed low-fat foods because it actually puts on weight?
Do you know that agave is highly processed?
What do you really know about pro-biotics?  Have you heard about pre-biotics?
Ever think about your grapes and pesticides....Hello wine consumers!!!
GE & GMO's, what do we really know about this stuff?

I have been thinking now about the evolution of Gaia and the time line we are living in.  To me, it feels like we are at the end of winter, while spring is taking her place.  Some days winter has a hard time letting go and gives us 7 feet of snow or many days of rain, but Spring will have her time.  It is easy for us to live these smaller cycles, but to have the vision of this large cycle we are now climaxing is kind of frustrating for many.

Then I had this insight of the role Monsanto is playing in the large cycle of time.  Perhaps this is a good thing!!!  Monsanto is going to create an awakening of those who are sleeping.  Look at Haiti and how they burned all of the seeds that were given to them.  If I had some extra cash in my pockets, I would buy property in countries that Monsanto is not allowed in.  I see those countries in the future being the wealthiest in the world because their food will be what nature intended.  Their people will be happier, healthier and those who are sick, sterile (just like Monsanto's seeds), riddled with cancer and unknown dis-eases will pay some big dollars to find food that actually supports thems.  To see what countries where Monsanto is

We all should know, we are what we eat and think, right?  GMO non-fertile seeds have been around a while and look at how many people are sterile.  So many families are trying to conceive a child, and can not.  To me, this is a no brainer, we do not need to spend millions of dollars trying to research if this therory is true or not....just be honest and feel how this thought penetrates your cells.

Now this is where the awakening comes into play.  Seldom do people really take the time or know how to be authenitc and feel what their body's need.  Our culture keeps people in stress 24/7, which thereby keeps us in our reptilian brain (fight or flight) and out of our Prefrontal cortex.  These functions relates to abilities to differentiate among conflicting thoughts, determine good and bad, better and best, same and different, future consequences of current activities, working toward a defined goal, prediction of outcomes, expectation based on actions, and social "control" (the ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially-unacceptable outcomes)

See more about YOUR Prefrontal cortex at

Does your body need Monsanto, Walmart, Hummer, synthetic perfume, Victoria Secret push up bras, tight jeans, and a TV in every room....this list is not easy for me to put together since I am unplugged to this lifestyle, but you get the drift here. 

Does your body really desire processed foods, or does it crave to know the family where your home made meals come from?  Since we do not know who grew our food, how can we truly know ourselves?   

Now is the time to support your bodies with local biodynamic and organic farmers.





In Love and Gratitude,
Leah Hansen, LMT

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